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Our goal is to help you get started with Bitcoin quickly and confidently by keeping things simple and easy to understand.

Welcome to Bitcoins Made Easy

We'll cover the basics like: creating a Bitcoin wallet, obtaining your first Bitcoins, and sending and receiving coins. All of this information can be found in our free Quick Start guide. Don't forget to sign up for our free newsletter below.

We'll also simplify the advanced topics to help you get the most out of Bitcoin. These include: creating wallet backups, encrypting your wallet, and creating an offline wallet for maximum security.

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Shutdowns, Debt Ceilings, and Bitcoins

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you must have heard about the “U.S. government shutdown”.  I put that in quotes because the official story is the government has shutdown non-essential operations until the issues with the debt limit can be resolved.  You might be wondering what this event has to do with Bitcoin, but rest easy that I will come to that point.

MintChip VS Bitcoin: The Key Differences

While on our standard patrol of all things related to Bitcoin, we’ve come across a nice article going over Canada’s proposed digital currency, known as MintChip. You can read the whole article here.

I first heard of the MintChip program a little while ago and I hadn’t given it much thought until this article was brought to my attention. The author gives a quick synopsis of what the program is all about and why they think it’s a better option to Bitcoin.

That’s the part that made me pay attention.

Central Banking – The Fuel for the Fire

Welcome to another installment of the Bitcoins Made Easy blog. Today, I want to spend a little time discussing what central banks are and how we can use them to our advantage.

These guys will make Bitcoin a success – but it’s not who you think…

When I think of Bitcoin and why it will be a success, I always tend to think of the attributes it has, such as anonymous transactions (with a little work), instant money transfers around the world, and zero operating cost.

It’s truly the invention that will revolutionize the way money flows around the world. There is also a very tight correlation between monetary freedom and social freedom.

Bitmessage – Bitcoin Grade Security, for Communications

At the Bitcoins Made Easy office, we’re always on the lookout for ways to empower yourself. Whether that’s through the Bitcoin world for transacting securely or some other tool, we want to help put you back in control. And with that, we’ve found a tool that we know you’ll love… Bitmessage.

Authorities Subpoena Bitcoin Major Players

The authorities charged with keeping you safe have issued subpoenas to many of the major Bitcoin businesses. Why? Because they are trying to get a better understanding of it. At least that is their claim, during this week’s latest shenanigans. Reasons such as the war on terror, war on drugs and money laundering all sound well intentioned; so people simply accept that there must be cause for concern when these terms are associated with Bitcoin.

Thailand Bans Bitcoins

So, the news hot off the wire is that Bitcoin has been banned in Thailand. I’ve read a few different accounts of what happened, but since this is relatively new, the stories are changing slightly. Here’s what we know…

Titans of Bitcoin – A Roundtable

Bitcoin represents a major change in our ability to transact and hold our savings. It takes our money out of the Sauron like eye of the banks and regulators and places the responsibility and the freedom and privacy within our own hands. Since this is such a massive change in thinking, there are constantly questions coming up about what new ideas are possible and what needs to happen in order to build the necessary infrastructure for Bitcoin to be comfortably used by the average person.

Why Bitcoin has what it takes

I was enjoying a beautiful day today, doing my usual news-watch for anything relating to Bitcoin. I’m currently in Canada, and a conversation I had earlier made mention of an article in the Globe and Mail regarding Bitcoin. The article was written by Todd Hirsch, who is the Calgary based chief economist for ATB Financial and the author of The Boiling Frog Dilemma: Saving Canada from Economic decline. I read through the article, and it had all the earmarks of someone who really doesn’t understand the Bitcoin system. I thought this was a good opportunity to talk about some of the issues raised and address them.

A lesson in losing Bitcoins

downthetoiletAfter the recent crash in Bitcoin price, a friend of mine purchased a fairly substantial amount of Bitcoins after being given a crash course on the whole concept. He’s not extremely tech savvy, but he’s definitely not your Grandmother either. He successfully purchased the Bitcoins through an online exchange and created a new online wallet using a reputable web-based wallet provider.

The Bitcoins were sent from the exchange account to his newly created wallet, he verified immediately that the wallet balance had updated to reflect the correct amount and then he signed off and went to bed happy.

A week later he logged into his wallet to discover a ZERO Bitcoin balance!